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MFF 2010 - Report and Media
  So MFF 2010 was great this year. I got to spend it with my mate and some good friends. Loved the hotel, the food and then hanging out. Didn't get completely smashed like last year, but I certainly had a good time. On Saturday, I played my set on the main stage. So here's some media from that dance set :)

http://www.youtube.com/user/pistolpup parts 1-8 of the mff files

Or for just mp3 download check out this link:


Crazy is as Crazy does...
So, been a busy busy pup.  Crazy as hell lately.  Been hacking away at my netbook to integrate a decoder card for video.  Then work and school, bleh.  Also scheduled vacations.  Then it hit me!

I'm going to 5 fur cons this year.  I mean, WTF!  That's more than any other year.   I've only been to 3 at the most in a year.  I managed to work out the room/ride share to where it will still work in with my budget.  So, yeah.  I can afford it, I certainly have the time off, and hmm...  5.

Yeah, yeah, I know, so many others hit like 20 bazillion cons a year, but not me.  I have time off, I just can't seem to justify it many times, but this year, I was like, why not?  I need to get out more I suppose.  So here's the line up this year:

Wild Nights (Duh, I'm Event Director for them :P)
RCFM (Friend needed to borrow the truck, I looked, hey, I'll drive the truck)
Indy Fur Con (IFC, maybe it's my love for the IFC channel, the thrill of a new event, or the fact i'll sleep through I70 and be there in no time.)
MFM (Always good to see family during that one and new hotel this year, yay, no more ghetto express)
MFF (Always fun, super new hotel, and Chi-town is not bad at all.)

So there you have it.  I hope to catch others at all the cons this year.  It's going to be a new adventure for me, although don't expect me to keep up with it each year.  I am thinking of some other fun trips instead in years to come that will take my time and money, but for this year, yay.

Also, I got the tablet working well, now to locate a HTC stylus for it.

2009, 2010, and a decade in review.
So it's been a hell of a year and even more so of a decade.

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So lets start with 2009.  Oh where to begin...

So in January, my friend Subbycoon came out to visit over my birthday, then again in April and all Summer.  This was the first time I had a friend stay with me over an entire summer and it was a blast getting to hang out that long.  We ended up taking a road trip that involved 38 hrs of driving through quite a few states (Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas).  There are a lot of great memories from that time and the trip.  It was also when I got my new Husky suit and sold my old one to my roommate Wolfwings who also moved in this year.  After the trip, the poor little Xterra was falling apart so I traded up to the Escalade in August.

Wild Nights went off for the first time and I ended up becoming Event Director for the con.  It was a lot of work, but I rather enjoyed getting to make things happen and look forward to it this year in 2010.  Then there was MFM and MFF.  Both were a just awesome.  For MFM I got to see my sister and her family a lot more this time around.  I also went down to Beale St with Kellogg and Subbycoon.  For MFF, it was just the usual party the entire weekend and was a blast.  Great food, good friends, and fun times.  

This year I also changed jobs within the company.  I spent 5 months of the year on nights and now work with other countries which is exciting.  I got several best of awards and really did well for myself there.

Locally we did 2 Zona Rosa events suiting, Thanksgiving had some friends over and did a big dinner, Then my friend Kellogg came out to visit just before I left to Christmas.  Had a blast as well with him out here and we had another party that weekend.  Then off to visit my family back in TN for xmas.  It was a good time and I got to stay with my friend Ursa in KY before hopping over for a short visit.  

All in all, it's been a fun filled, action pack, sleep deprived year of insanity. :)

Then there's the whole decade.  Here's some of the main milestones.

-In early 2000 I got a job, dropped out of college, and started my career by moving out of my parents house out on my own.  I also bought my first car on my own (2000 Contour SVT)
-In late 2002 I finally came out to myself about liking guys, got more involved (was only online with it since 1996)  in the fandom and dated my first BF.
-In 2003 went to my first con which was AC.
-In 2005 went to my second con (FWA) and then moved to Kansas CIty for work, plus got my first suit built by someone else, and went to Oklacon.  I traded off my Ford for a Nissan Xterra as well.
-In 2006 I went to MFM and MFF for the first time.  Got more suits (malamute, yotie, wild dog) and enjoyed running around with those.  I also got my Audi TT that year.
-In 2007 Made a couple more suits and brought one of them to MFM.  Started DJing at cons again.  I missed MFF due to health issues and was still going through a lot with my back.  I also made it out to Oklacon that year too.  Ended up commissioning my Mixed Candy suit in November for my husky character.
-In 2008 I made it to Oklacon, MFM, and MFF again.   In Jan I also commissioned Soki for my first husky suit.  Then got it a few months later and too him to all 3 cons.
-In 2009 Read Above :P

So...  What does the future hold?  2010?  hmm. 
- I want to try and quit smoking this year.
- Try and lose more weight this year.
- Try and get out suiting more this year.
- Just have a blast as always...

I'm also thinking about selling off my Audi this year and trying to get into a classic car project as well.  So it should be a fun year.

And now... Back to your regularly scheduled programming...
This weekend was a blast. My friend kellogg_collie flew out on Thursday morning and I managed to get an extended weekend due to working the Saturday before. Once he got in, we decided to take a nap, but somehow managed to be wide awake after our crazy schedule and drove around Westport and the Plaza downtown.

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Happy Gobble Gobble Day!
So it's Thanks Giving and while for most it means food and downing cases of redbull to survive door busters at the local shops on Friday, there is something more special with it. It's about taking thanks into what we have. Not just in possessions, money, success, but mostly in fellowship of those around us. It's about being with friends. Sharing those moments in life together that make it worth something. It shouldn't take a big meal and a fancy parade on TV to remind us of just how lucky we are to have those we love and care about in our lives.

To all those out there on this day, may it be filled with the love and friendship you can give thanks for every day.

PS: Todays menu for the local furry Thanks Giving sit down:

1. 21 lb turkey - Roasted with Basil, Oregano, and fresh orange slices, then butter basted later

2. 8 lb honey glazed Ham

3. Southern Living adaption of a squash casserole

4. Sweet potato casserole with coconut slices, sugarrrrrh!, pecans and marshmellows

5. Sluuuuurp Plop! It's Cranberry in a can!

6. Fresh baked rolls

7. And.... Wait for it.... Wait for it.... Pecan Pie!

MFF Recap :)
So Thursday we drove in early in the morning and once at the hotel around noon, setup and started catching up people. I thought I'd get a chance to nap, but ended up just staying up late till like 2 AM instead. Got a little bit of suiting in and then just completely crashed that night.

On Friday, I got up early, ran around for a bit, suited a little during a couple of panels and then went out to lunch at the restaurant at the hotel. After that, I caught up with Yukon and Sheppy and ended up getting hammered on Ouzo, vodka and rum. We ordered deep dish pizza and then I passed out till 3 AM. Got up yet again, then Sheppy and I roamed around until finally landing on the room with Rock Band and hanging there till 6 AM.

Sleep and then back up again for Sat. After lunch, suited for the parade and then made my way down ran around for a little. I caught the first part of the theatre group they brought in, then grabbed dinner with some friends again at the restaurant at the hotel. Yay, tried Fois Gras for the first time too. After a good dinner, I got my DJ gear out and setup right after the FVS. Once setup was done, grabbed my head and paws, then headed back down to dance a little before my set. Went on a little late, but still had a nice set even though it was cut short (Theres vids!). The ended up hanging with some friends again right after that.

Sunday was crazy trying to find parties and such, but at least had a great dinner at a local Korean BBQ place. Afterwards, found the last remains of the parties and drank a little. From there, I ended up just chilling and trying to get sleep before the drive back. It was a long road trip back, but made it home safe and unloaded.

So over all, minus a few bumps in the con, it was fantastic. I saw a lot of friends, old and new, and met a lot of new folks. Had a blast spinning music again and suiting around a bit. I look forward to next year for sure.

Heres some of the folks that helped make the con a blast:

Delphinios, Solus, Subbycoon, Sheppy, Kellogg, Elliotbunny, Genki, Lace, Yukon, Podamy, Twitch, Nuka Nuki, and many more :)

So on to the video:


Please check out the smaller first and DL the larger only if you want a higher res. It's huge :)

Packed and ready for MFF

So I am all packed and just waiting for Solus and Delphi at this point. Once they load up we will hit the road. Look forward to seeing everyone again this year :)

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Spur of the moment fursuit project...
So I decided to make another suit. Just sort of a spur of the moment project to get back into things. So I made another Doberman suit. He turned out pretty cute and he's for sale :) I'll have him at MFF if anyone is interested in seeing him.

Sizing: Will fit someone up to 6'4" and 250 lbs. Waist up to 42", Chest up to 48". He's built for someone bigger, but will easily fit someone smaller and look just adorable. I took some pics with both myself and my friend Elliotbunny modelling him. Elliot is much smaller than me, so it's a good example of how he'd look (adorable) on someone smaller.

Here's some photos:







If anyone is interested in him, I'll have him at MFF and am willing to take any reasonable offers.

Fursuiting Halloween :)
So we went out during Halloween to go fursuiting in Lawrence, KS with several of the KC Furs. A couple of folks used my cameras during the event and footage turned out great. I still need to upload the pics and will have those soon as well. For now here's the video clips we took from Massachusetts St in Lawrence, KS for Halloween:


MFM 2009 Con report.
So the drive down was pretty painless. 11PM, left the station on Wednesday night and got to the hotel at 9AM. Did the usual Thursday morning Cracker Barrel Breakfast pre-con.

When we arrived to the hotel, they let us into the room pretty quick and and we crashed out till about 1 PM, then it was time for a late lunch/early dinner at Red Lobster with Hikaru, Subby, Kellogg, and a couple of Hikaru's friends. It was all you can eat shrimp night so we came back stuffed and I wasn't really up for suiting that night because of it. After just hanging out, I crashed about midnight and then was up for a snack at the con suite when it opened.

On Friday, I ended up suiting for a good chunk of the morning, got my fursuit badge and then Subby and I left to go have a quick dinner with my Sis and family before my DJ set. When I got back, it was setup, prep and then after Isfacat's show, played my set till 12:30. I did a dubstep and then Drum and Bass set. For next year we may throw in more DJs and mix it up a bit more. Overall the set went well and I have video to work on with it now. Ended up hanging out with Subby, Kellogg, Lucky, and Malo until early morning since everyone else was crashed out already.

On Sat, slept in a little, then grabbed a quick lunch at Applebee's with Yukon, Podamy, Malo, Subby and Lucky. After lunch, ran around the dealers den and got some art. I came back down in suit a little to get some pics with one of the artists I ended up commissioning. Then Kellogg, Subby and I went off to Beale St for some fun. Got pics of them in front of a giant blue cock (rooster ;) ) and then hit up wet willies and an irish pub for drinks and food. Once we got back, ended up having a bit to drink and ran around late doing some drunken suiting for fun before going to pass out.

Got up Sunday and Subby and I went over to my families for some lunch. After we got back, just hung out until dinner time where we found this awesome sushi place and had a blast. Tried to make a ghetto booze run on Sun, but it didn't happen, so we just came on back and chilled that night. Had fun suiting one last night before the con was over. Also stuffed Podamy into one of my suits and he had an absolute blast.

Monday, said our goodbyes and left out. The drive was pretty painless except for the nasty cold I came down with just before. I got in and am just recovering now.

So thats pretty much the con report.

The good: Chilling with friends and having fun.

The bad: Caught a cold from visiting my relatives and have sorta con crud now.