The gun shootin husky

Pistol Pup
29 January 1980
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Where to start... I work as a top level engineer in IT designing systems for a big corporation that takes a large portion of my time, but takes care of all the bills, so I can't complain too much. I enjoy fursuiting and have several different suits. My most known one is the yote character I call "Stanton". I also DJ as a hobby/side job in my local area and at fur cons. During the warmer months, I race in auto cross events locally. I am also into shooting and guns.

I share a house with one furry roommate and my black lab. If you glance through my journal you will notice I don't post too much, but on occasions I keep folks up to date. If you ant to get to know me, feel free to talk with me.

Decode my furcode:
FC3r A- C++ Dm++ H M P R T- W Z Sm++ RLCT a cu++++ d e+ f- h++ iwf+++ j* p sm+